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The theme that has got the house band jamming this month is diversity in marketing. You might read this as a reaction to the mood music of today’s politics, but what you’ll find in this issue is a positive embrace of the opportunity to marketers, to be inclusive and engage our increasingly diverse audiences, regardless of what you take to market.

How do you bring diversity to our marketing? How do you build diverse teams, encourage a diversity of ideas and address an increasingly diverse audience?

We’ve debated in the penthouse whether Depeche Mode’s “People are People” counts as a classic album, as it was a limited compilation release in the US and the song of the same name originally appeared on their album “Some Great Reward”, but looking at the theme of this month, there is no debate on whether “People are People” is the right track to drop as the title – but as you’ll read, there is “some great reward” in getting this right.

So, welcome to The People Are People Issue.

So we’re different colours
And we’re different creeds
And different people have different needs

Depeche Mode – People are People

Tales from the Tour Bus: Sydni Craig-Hart

When Robert Rose interviewed this champion of small, minority and women owned businesses on his podcast, we had to jump on the Tour Bus with multicultural marketing expert Sydni Craig-Hart and find out more…
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Diversity Marketing: Opportunistic Coat-tail Riding or a Force for Change?

Are we squeezing marketing into a spangly new jumpsuit called Diversity for a comeback Vegas tour or is it time to rethink the whole act? Lauren Bowden makes the case for change…
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Want a fresh marketing sound? Look outside…

Pop music has remained relevant through outside influences, Paul Simon wrote his classic album Graceland after becoming fascinated by a bootleg cassette of South African township music. In this article, Dennis Shiao suggests that we too need to look outside…
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The Green Room: Diving into Diversity

Every month we grab our backstage pass to our Rockstar CMO’s, hang out in the Green Room and over a glass of whatever we can find in the mini bar, pick a topic and chat. This month Ian Truscott asks how we address a diverse audience, diversify our teams and keep our ideas fresh…
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Want diverse ideas? Time to fix brainstorming

Inclusion of diverse marketing ideas starts early in the process when we brainstorm – and our resident Rockstar CMO Ted Rubin tells it straight; avoid the groupthink, include the right people and listen…
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Tales from the tour bus: Catch-up with L.Michelle Smith

Back in The London Calling Issue, we went backstage with L. Michelle Smith, author, speaker, marketing leader and diversity champion. In this issue, Ian Truscott hops on the tour bus and catches up with with what’s new…
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Playing to your entire audience

The Relevancy Group’s most recent research indicates that marketers are currently ignoring a large section of their crowd. Chief Research Officer Nicholas Einstein explains…
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Diversity; not just a party invite, its inclusion in the plan

No business can afford to ignore how increasingly diverse we are. Wendy Bryant-Beswick, shares her experience of and approach to diversity marketing…
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adnonamau5: It’s all white

Like the legendary DJ Deadmau5, our anonymous advertiser Adnonamau5 dons a mask to perform. This issue he dropped by the Rockstar CMO penthouse and laughs – Diversity in the ad-land? Nah – we’re quite alwight, old chum…
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Risky Business

It used to be brand suicide to align yourself openly with a political or social justice cause. Now, everyone’s at it. But why? Ian Hsieh discovers…
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Diversify (the Right Way) or Die

From #OscarSoWhite to the realisation that the tech and creative industries are a white man’s playing field, the issue of diversity has exploded into our social consciousness like never before. Ian Hsieh talks with Walker & Company CEO, and Code2040 co-founder, Tristan Walker to find out if change is, at it seems, really gonna come…
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