Once again like the legendary DJ, Deadmau5, our anonymous advertiser has donned the mask and shares a plea to his industry to take some social responsibility.

This is less of a rant and more of a plea to be honest!

To be honest, I have never in my entire life heard as much discourse about the state of the planet than in the last few months… it’s got everyone spooked, from my Afghani Uber driver to my middle-aged colleagues, from my kids to the ice cream vendor in Skegness. And rightly so. It’s a bit fucked at the moment, and if history can tell us anything it’s that it can take a long, long time to recover. The planet needs help, and it needs help now. So, what’s this got to do with the ad industry, I hear you ask?

What do you get if you mix an orangutan, a Latin dictionary, an entitled upbringing and dash of vanilla? Two blond global dictators of the modern world. Two of the most morally corrupt and reprehensible people to call themselves leaders in the free world. Two people that seem to care very little about the state of the planet. Why is that?  Is it because they and their friends won’t profit from a clean and healthy one??? Of course, it’s not just those two… almost every leader (outside of the Nordic countries it appears) is hellbent on destroying this planet.

Well, advertising has been quite a sinful industry for… well forever really. There’s the odd bit here and there, but for the most part, it’s a soulless industry. We get people to buy shit they neither need or probably even want. We increase the profits of companies and help people spend money they don’t have. We’ve managed to support such an incestuous capitalistic global economy that we are all bound together on an inescapable merry-go-round that just spins faster and faster whirling us and the world toward a cataclysmic end.

But what if we used our powers of creativity and influence to actually do something positive… run some campaigns on the state of the world, what needs to be done by governments and individuals alike and the risk if we don’t. Why don’t the big network agencies and media companies with their hundreds of millions in the bank and 25% profit margins, actually spin the ad world to be a force for good and right… and do it pro-bono?!

Imagine global campaigns reaching all the corners of the planet, the best work ever created that moves people, raises the hairs on their neck and goosebumps on their arms. Messages so powerful and persistent that they can’t be ignored. Imagine that for a moment… perhaps with a little more visibility, we will be able to give the messages little Greta and the boffins are trying to make some muscle!

Now imagine how you would feel going home that night to your partner, kids, dog, a bottle of wine or TV… imagine feeling like you have tried to make a difference and have been a force for change, a force of positivity and not profit!! It’s something, isn’t it?!

What do you think people… Ad Vadar… turns against the Dark Side!

Ready to rock?

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