Like the legendary DJ Deadmau5, our anonymous advertiser Adnonamau5 dons a mask to perform. This issue he dropped by the Rockstar CMO penthouse and it’s social media that’s got him a bit sweary…

What is the point of social media now…seriously what’s the fucking point?

I remember when Facebook first appeared on a computer near you, and it was hailed (by me) as the technology to bring your family and friends closer (my words not those of some ad). But it seems now to just be a place for either the rotten intestines of society to display themselves – unashamedly – in full view, or for brands to bombard us with non-personalised personalized ads. Your data is used to both manipulate the news you receive or for more Machiavellian reasons actually manipulate you!

Do you remember when people used Twitter to show us what they ate that day or comment on something they had done or were about to do? Now it seems to be the platform of choice for politicians to share their policies or cry over their unfair treatment…in 280 characters!! Or for trolls to harass and antagonise people from the safety of their phone.

Social media platforms just seem to be places where you can buy followers or be followed to buy.

I struggle to see any value in the social media platforms, especially as messenger apps like WhatsApp are being used more and more as family sharing and collaboration tools. Ad-free and private. Social media platforms just seem to be places where you can buy followers or be followed to buy.

Where hatred, anger, homophobia, racism and xenophobia thrive (and that’s even without Trump). There was even an article recently talking about social media is the modern world opiate (Social Media, Not Religion, The Opium Of The People).

If they disappeared tomorrow would anyone really care? I suppose just those with shares!

I think I’m going to start a new movement #shutthefuckersdown

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