Tales from the Tour Bus: Amber Osborne

Now on her third start-up, Amber Osborne is the CMO at Doghead Simulations (the company behind Rumii, a virtual reality conferencing and collaboration platform) and industry influencer. In this Tale from the Tour Bus, she reveals what it takes to launch something new and gives an insiders view of being an insider.

Backstage with Ian Lowe

Ian Lowe, VP of Marketing for global SaaS WCM vendor Crownpeak popped by the penthouse to chat to Ian Truscott about what gets his marketing mojo working…

Tales from the Tour Bus: Janice B. Gordon

Like the Rolling Stones versus the Beatles or Oasis versus Blur, sales and marketing have a reputation for not always getting along. So, for this Tale from the Tour Bus we cross the tracks, to speak to sales mentor Janice B. Gordon.

Backstage with David Howland

We go backstage with David Howland, CMO of Longview Solutions, former creative and art director and marketing leader at Nasdaq and he shares his journey and the common thread of his career – creating compelling, meaningful experiences.

Backstage with Ahmed Hasan

Ian Truscott sits down with Ahmed Hasan,Global Head of Customer Engagement Marketing at Spark44 to talk Blink-182, the advantages of failing fast, and why now is a great time for lean thinking marketers. 

Tales from the Tour Bus: Hugh Thomas

In our second ride on the tour bus, FMCG disruptor Hugh Thomas, co-founder of challenger brand Ugly Drinks, tells us about marketing the ‘ugly truth’, and the challenges of taking things Stateside.