The Swimming Pool #30: CMOs as Social Influencers

In this trip to the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool, Ian Truscott is inspired by Rebecca Biestman, the Chief Marketing Officer at Reputation, who, on the podcast, suggested “the pressure on CMOs to be social influencers”. What do you think? Did he chuck it in?

The Swimming Pool #28: Attribution

This month, standing on the penthouse balcony overlooking it is Grant Johnson, veteran CMO, now plying his trade at Emburse, who’s ready to commit ‘attribution’ to its watery demise.

The Green Room: A bit of a blur

Sounds very rockstar, but this month’s Green Room is literally a bit of a blur. We’ve had an extended period of pandemic lockdown and the separation between home and work has become blurred. We asked six of our rockstar CMOs for their advice.

The Green Room – Marketing Education

Marketers come from diverse career backgrounds, we are not like accountants or lawyers that need a specific education, and on social media we have been seeing some pushback on this from folks like Mark Ritson, who as a marketing professor is pretty vocal about those of us that don’t have a marketing education. So, what do our Rockstar CMO’s think?