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How do you stay true to your marketing musical roots, keep in tune with your strategy, deliver on the business baseline and not lose your soul?

This is the theme for this month, how do marketers stay focused on strategy and not get caught up or distracted by the latest marketing fads, fashions, ninjas, hackers and the choice of 3,500 Martech doohickeys the vendors would have us believe we can’t live without?   

We dived deep into the record box and pulled out Lyn Collins Think (About It) from 1972 as our theme tune from her debut album of the same name. You may not think you have heard it, but you probably have, it’s one of the most sampled songs of all time with over 40 other artists feeling the vibe and a string of covers – that’s quite a reach, so feel free to do the same, sample and share what our Rockstars are dropping here.

Welcome to The Think About It Issue!


So from now on, we gonna use
What we got to get what we want

So, you’d better think, think
Now’s the time when we have
That’s the thing I never will forget

Lyn Collins – Think (About It)

The Green Room: Sticking to a Tune in a World of Jazz

Each month in the Green Room we return backstage to pose a question to a group of our Rockstar CMOs. In this issue, Ian Truscott catches up with seven of them to talk about how to stay focused on a marketing strategy, when it’s so easy to be distracted by channels, tech and tactics…
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Who are you?

You know, marketers really need to know. The only trouble is, says marketing journalist Morag Cuddeford-Jones; I don’t know who I am half the time. So what chance have you got?…
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The 4 Ps Give Way to Simplicity Along The New Path to Purchase

The fab four of Price, Product, Promotion, and Place are sliding down the charts for what it takes to win at retail, replaced by a new sound that’s got consumers dancing in the aisle – Simplicity. As retail thought-leader John Andrews explains…
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Tales from the Tour Bus: Punk CX with Adrian Swinscoe

This month we heard a whisper of someone taking a punk beat and applying it to the overblown prod rock of customer experience and we had to find the source. Ian Truscott tracks down the author of Punk CX, Adrian Swinscoe…
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The Old CMO Runaround

In all of the confusion of what the role of the CMO is, we seem to have forgotten the one thing marketing is supposed to do, Keith Smith explains…
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CMOs Need to Dance to their Own Tune

The CMO is the Lennon, Bowie, Dylan, Prince or Dr. Dre of a business, writing the lyrics of the brand story to the music of the organization’s objectives and values. Yet despite growing pressure and shorter tenures, CMOs are neglecting their own personal brands. Marketing coach Jane Scandurra shares her advice…
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Email Marketers are Currently Crushing it

In marketing, it seems you can’t beat the classics, but we are too quick to move onto the next pop phenomena that we forget that rare grooves like Email Marketing can still get the party started, as Chief Research Officer Nicholas Einstein, from The Relevancy Group explains…
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Marketing Strategy: Change? Of course. As you wish.

How do you stay true to your marketing musical roots, keep in tune with your strategy, deliver on the business baseline and not get distracted by the latest marketing fads and fashions? Robert Rose suggests the answer is in The Princess Bride, want to fight him on that?…
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adnonamau5: Anti-Social Media

Like the legendary DJ Deadmau5, our anonymous advertiser Adnonamau5 dons a mask to perform. This issue he dropped by the Rockstar CMO penthouse and it’s social media that’s got him a bit sweary…
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Want To Keep Your Marketing Focused… Beware Automation

What’s the key to an unwavering marketing focus? Our resident Rockstar Ted Rubin tells it like it is – keep the customer front and center, avoid unnecessary automation and ditch the bots…
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Into the Pool #17: Banner Ads

In this issue, barely noticed and infrequently engaged with, is it time to put banner ads out of their lonely misery? Jasmine Martirossian, VP of Marketing at TÜV SÜD America certainly thinks so…
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Tales from the Tour Bus: Dennis Shiao

Known by his Twitter fans for his passion for content marketing, expressed in his work and regular columns for CMSWire and The Content Marketing Institute, we hop on the tour bus with Dennis Shaio…
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Backstage with Lynne Capozzi

Lynne Capozzi is the CMO of Acquia, a global marketing technology vendor. Ian Truscott sits down with this passionate marketer and finds out what get’s her marketing mojo working…
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B2B Marketing’s Ignite Event – Through a Britpop lens

It’s festival season in the UK, and fresh from Glastonbury and the real rock stars, Lauren Bowden, Chief Content Creator at London agency The Comms Crowd jumps into the mosh pit at B2B Marketing’s Ignite event and shares the tunes B2B marketers should be dropping…
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There’s No Substitute For Strategy

When you’re under pressure it’s easy to take short-cuts to tech solutions. But the focus a good strategy provides is vital to making the right decisions, says Ian Lowe…
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