If you’ve visited before, you’ll see we’ve entered the new year with a fresh new look and as we combed through our first 10 issues, we thought this was a great opportunity to reflect and celebrate the fantastic folks that have contributed to our community in 2018.

Cheers to 2018!

We started in March, with an aim to provide something a bit different, to grow a community free of the usual BS about the craft of marketing and help the next generation of CMO’s. We aimed to do this through good writing, insight from masters of the craft and have a bit of fun along the way.

We have gone backstage with 13 marketing rockstars, commissioned over 30 fantastic long form articles from our journalists, shared the ‘marketing street knowledge’ of a dozen practitioners who have been there, seen it, done it and from a standing start, thousands of visitors have dropped by.

Thank you for your support, here are some of my highlights from the last year.

Hope you have a happy and prosperous 2019, from all of us at Rockstar CMO.

Ian Truscott / Editor

Ted Rubin

Only one place to start with a roundup of 2018, our resident Rockstar who has supported us from day 1, generously shared his experience with his straight talking articles, his Q&A and contribution to our Green Room series.

Backstage with Ted

Straight talking with Ted

Chatbots. Seriously, why is this a big deal now? We’ve been using chatbots for over 15 years. People! Catch up!

Jeanniey Mullen introduced us to her vision of cobots…


“Mandatory weekly karaoke team building exercises”

We have some fantastic suggestions on our Rockstar CMO Rider, this is our favorite from Amber Osbourne.

Read The Rockstar CMO Rider

The Swimming Pool

Our special place in hell for all the snake oil, BS and the lazy tactics that plague our craft.

It’s hard to decide a favorite, but inspired by Jenni Young, there’s one that resonates with any marketer: Can we get some PR on this?

The Articles

This has been the heart of Rockstar CMO in 2018, not the quick blog posts and listicles you get elsewhere, but long form articles written by journalists from outside our goldfish bowl. Here are three of my favorites:

Stark Bollock Naked.

Helene Dancer investigates the debate around radical transparency.


Diversify (the Right Way)..

Ian Hsieh talks to Walker & Company CEO, Tristan Walker – great interview.


Selling Death Row

Dave Waller on the marketing dilemma: Is it right to be selling this product?


Yes, You Better be a F**king Storyteller

My content marketing hero Robert Rose responding to some cynicism about the term “story telling” with this fabulous article.


Christine’s Gifts

Seven of our Rockstar CMO’s offered the world of marketing holiday gifts from their experience for our Green Room series.

Christine Bailey didn’t just offer us one gift, we got a whole stocking full.



This is my absolute favorite section of Rockstar CMO.

So far 13 marketing leaders have generously shared their experience, what inspires them and what they would throw in our pool. I can’t pick a favorite!

But.. the most recent with L.Michelle Smith gave me an excuse to drop some LL Cool J…



Aside from our contributors and writers, thanks also to our sponsor censhare AG and a special mention to Photofy, who do not officially sponsor this publication, but thanks to CEO John Andrews and VP of Marketing Casey Petersen for their contribution.

Happy New Year!

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