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Tis the season and all that and we’ve crammed a whole lot into the stocking that is this month’s issue of Rockstar CMO. Going with the theme of communication, we plucked from our record box the classic “London Calling” by the Clash – so welcome to the London Calling Issue. 

We have some fantastic new articles, Ted Rubin tells it straight as usual, we pay our second visit to the Green Room where we play secret Santa, we welcome back Casey Peterson who is becoming a regular in the band, I go backstage with the awesome L. Michelle Smith for a Q&A that is not to be missed and we launch our Hall of Fame.

Enjoy this issue!

Ian Truscott


The Green Room Secret Santa

Every month we pose a question to our Rockstar CMOs. As this issue drops during the season of goodwill, we’re thinking about gifts. So we wondered, what would this fine and generous band of marketers gift to our marketing community?…

Risky Business

It used to be brand suicide to align yourself openly with a political or social justice cause. Now, everyone’s at it. But why? Ian Hsieh discovers…

Into the Pool #10: Marketing AI

Casey Petersen is conspiring with Ian Truscott to chuck Marketing AI into the Rockstar CMO swimming pool. Some would say a brave choice as artificial intelligence is such a darling of the current marketing zeitgeist. Do you agree?…

Backstage with L.Michelle Smith

A classically-trained mezzo soprano, entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, marketing leader, L.Michelle Smith is on a mission and shares her insights from a 25 year career…

Unsubscribe DOES NOT Mean… Send Me More Emails!

Ever unsubscribe from a mailing list only to keep getting emails from the brand in question? You’re not alone. It’s actually one of Ted Rubin’s biggest pet peeves, and here’s why…

Read All About It!

Stand aside Twitter. Pipe down Facebook. You’re old news. Reddit is a little corner of the digital world that packs a powerful punch. Gareth May finds out what this means for brands…

A Little More Conversation, a Little Less Action, Please?

Ian Truscott argues that in this new age of marketing, you need to focus on the real, relevant and considered conversations you have with your audiences – and why anything else is just spam.…

CPG Brands Need to Find Their Voice

Our resident rock star, Ted Rubin tells it straight on why the sound of your brand voice is becoming more critical…

How to Talk Like a Human (and Not a Corporate Company)

Wondering how you can connect with your target audience on a deeper level? Casey Petersen, Photofy’s Vice President of Marketing, has a few tips…

It’s Good to Talk

With the likes of Alexa, Google Home and Siri, voice assistants are more popular than ever. Capable of making our lives easier in a flash, the devices featuring these AI are fast becoming an indispensable part of our everyday. But what does the future hold for this tech?…

The Rockstar CMO Hall of Fame

Every rock hero stands on the shoulders of giants: think Prince’s debt to little Richard, or Chuck Berry’s impact on the Stones. So as the final chords of 2018 reverb round the Rockstar CMO stage, we asked our backstage rock stars who they’d induct into the Marketing Hall of Fame…

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