This week Jeff Clark, Rockstar CMO Advisor, and former SiriusDecisions/Forrester research director crosses the streams of his two passions marketing and looking after our planet as we discuss the role we can play as marketers in contributing to sustainability.  

We complete our mini-series with Christina Del Villar talking about her book Sway: Implement the GRIT Marketing Method to Gain Influence & Drive Corporate Strategy, diving into the detail of what G.R.I.T means and we round off with T for Tools and Technology a hot topic here on Rockstar CMO and she shares some wonderful insight. 

Robert Rose Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory is back on his virtual Rockstar CMO bar stool, we chat about being a big picture thinker or a detail-orientated marketer, really interesting conversation as he shares how the latter could see you being passed over for promotion.    

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