This week our host Ian Truscott joins Jeff Clark our resident Rockstar CMO Strategy Advisor and former Forrester Research Director, in the marketing studio where Jeff shares a model for measuring your brand, with some practical ideas.

Ian then goes backstage with Mark Ordover, Chief Operating Officer at Evergreen Trading, a media investment firm that is powered by trade. Ian learns about how media trading works, as brands can trade real estate, aeroplanes, inventory and all sorts of assets for media, and Mark breaks down their model and provides insight into this fascinating part of the advertising business, running a 100% employee-owned company and gives us a COO’s view of marketing.

We then wind down the week with a cocktail in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar, where Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory shares a cocktail and has some excellent advice for using ChatGPT in your content marketing strategy.


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