This week our host Ian Truscott and Jeff Clark, former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester and sought after marketing strategy advisor, continue the Five F’in’ Marketing Fundamentals series, this week diving into communicating our story.

Ian chats with former VP and Principal analyst Kerry Cunningham now with account-based engagement platform 6Sense. Aside from his seven years with SiriusDecisions/Forrester advising some great B2B brands on marketing operations and demand generation, Kerry has more than 25 years of experience in B2B demand generation and management. His experience spans a broad array of industries and markets, and he is considered a thought leader in designing and implementing demand marketing processes, technologies, and teams.

Ian then winds down the week with a man once described as a likeable Mark Ritson, his content marketing guru, Robert Rose, the Chief Trouble Maker at the Content Advisory. Over a cocktail, Robert shares what we can learn from the pope in the pool story from screenwriting.


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