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**WARNING There is a swear word at the very beginning of this episode, but I couldn’t resist adding this outtake, after that I keep it clean.***

Show Notes

Rockstar CMO FM (the M is for Marketing the F is for.. well it’s up to you, as this podcast is about f’in marketing).

In this episode, I talk about the latest issue of Rockstar CMO – THE GHOST TOWN ISSUE and our guest interview is Rachel Miller, Global Influencer Marketing Lead at SAP.

Regular Rockstar CMO readers will know Rachel, from her popular post last year that urged us to Ignore the Wackadoos, which was in our TOP 10 for months. But, Rachel is more than an entertaining writer, she is a recognized B2B influencer marketing expert, who’s recently joined SAP in what she’s described as her “dream job”.

We talk about tips for working from home (and wearing pants) during the Corona lockdown, her dream job at SAP and why influencer marketing is so important to SAP.

We dig into influencer marketing, how to deal with the cynicism as influencer marketing reached peak hype last year, tips on choosing influencers from the loud voices to the very engaged.

Of course, I couldn’t resist digging into the word “wackadoos”and learn why this should be included in the Oxford English dictionary and what she would chuck into the Rockstar CMO pool.


Rachel Miller

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Rachel Miller

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