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Rockstar CMO FM (the M is for Marketing the F is for.. well it’s up to you, as this podcast is about f’in marketing).

In this second episode Ian Truscott, Editor, Rockstar CMO chats to Ahmed Hasan, Head of Digital Marketing at Spark44, a global agency that is a joint venture with Jaguar Landrover.

They chat about his recent Backstage Q&A interview, dig into the aversion to change in some organizations, ageism in the industry, how tech and data have inspired his marketing career and some of the lessons marketing such a great brand.

If you enjoy the episode and want to learn more about Ahmed, you can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn or he invites you to pop by their fabulous London office for the view from their rooftop bar.


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Backstage with Ahmed Hasan

Ian Truscott sits down with Ahmed Hasan,Global Head of Customer Engagement Marketing at Spark44 to talk Blink-182, the advantages of failing fast, and why now is a great time for lean thinking marketers.


Into the Swimming Pool #14: Resistance to Change

Ahmed Hasan is our inspiration as we peer over the balcony down to the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool and we consider chucking “resistance to change” into its shimmering depths.


The greater you involve your people in defining what you’re building/selling/providing, the more likely the engagement and positive messaging.

Ahmed Hasan writing in The Green Room: Amplify the Sound; Turn Colleagues into Fans
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