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Rockstar CMO FM (the M is for Marketing the F is for.. well it’s up to you, as this yet another podcast about f’in marketing).

In this episode, I catch up with one of our regular rock star writers Dennis Shiao. Dennis is an independent marketing consultant, who is a content marketing, product messaging, and social media marketing expert and besides his recent writing here, he is well known in the industry as a regular columnist for CMSWire and Content Marketing Institute, which I think is where I came across Dennis a few years ago.

However, the reason I grabbed Dennis for a chat right now, amid the pandemic lockdown, is that Dennis has a history with the pioneers of virtual events going back over a decade, and I wanted to pick his brains on what we should all be doing. 

It’s a really insightful conversation, about what’s worked, what hasn’t worked and how to blend virtual events with a content marketing strategy and not just create an 8-hour webinar.

There is a little hat tip to the Robert Rose interview of Carter Hostelley on Robert’s Weekly Wrap podcast, who described the future of virtual events as “imagine if Netflix and a Webinar had a baby” – you can hear that here.

Oh and rather kindly Dennis refers to a blog post I wrote recently on my persona blog; The immediate future of events is content marketing.

We also get to discover what Dennis would throw into the Rockstar CMO Swimming pool, no spoilers, but we think you’ll be nodding along.

Dennis can be found at @dshiao on Twitter, or on LinkedIn, curates a wonderful email newsletter called Content Corner and is the co-organizer of the popular Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup.


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