Welcome to the first episode of our podcast, Rockstar CMO FM – the M is for marketing, the F you decide as this is yet another podcast about f’in’ marketing. To get the ball rolling I chat with fractional CMO, marketing and sales executive J.Robert Slaughter.

Show notes

In this, our first episode I welcome the hugely experienced fractional CMO, marketing and sales executive J.Robert Slaughter who shares a ton of his experience working with organizations large and small over a 20-year career.

Following on from our recent conversation in Backstage Q&A we dig into why organizations are pigs or chickens, the appetite for change, the role of the CMO and why “personalization at scale” is his pick for our portal to marketing hell that is The Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool.

If you enjoy the episode and want to learn more about Rob, you can follow him on TwitterLinkedIn or his blog

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Hanging over the balcony with Rob as he nominated ‘personalization at scale’ for the drop into the watery demise that is our special place in marketing hell.

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Dig a little deeper with our backstage interview with Rob, read more about the chickens, pigs and an unlikely, certainly the oldest inductee into our Rockstar CMO hall of fame….

[ Meet Rob ]

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