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Rockstar CMO FM (the M is for Marketing the F is for.. well it’s up to you, as this yet another podcast about f’in marketing).

Show notes

In this episode, I catch up with Keith Smith, Managing Director of The Advertist the only independent UK B2B business development platform.

Aside from helping agencies with business development with The Advertist platform Keith represents sales and business development in the Rockstar CMO house band with his regular entertaining articles and has recently started The Fuel Podcast, focused on business development. 

Keith shares with me his advice on sales and marketing in the current climate, the good and bad he’s seeing, the reason to start a podcast, the lasting impact of the current crisis, data versus creativity and what he’d throw into the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool. 

I really enjoyed this conversation, you can see why this episode is a long play, enjoy!

A quick apology, in the bit where we talk about the Prince performance I say Bill Wyman when I meant George Harrison and there is some parental guidance required as we do mildly swear.

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