In this week’s episode, Ian Truscott, Editor of Rockstar CMO, shares a thought, chats with Grant Johnson, CMO of Emburse, and again retires to the virtual Rockstar CMO bar, with content marketing guru Robert Rose for a cocktail and a chat.

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This week I go with a slightly different setlist, with one thought instead of a dip into our virtual pages, before the interview and what is now a regular feature, a cocktail, and conversation with my friend Robert Rose in our virtual bar.

My thought comes after opening my RSS reader for the first time in a couple of years and realizing how many of my former favorite blogs have gone quiet or cease to be and so I give a hat tip to all those bloggers that keep showing up. 

This week I have the pleasure of chatting with my old boss Grant Johnson, CMO of Emburse, a  hugely accomplished and experienced CMO, who has held the top marketing job for many well known B2B vendors after starting in B2C with Toshiba.  

I think this interview is a must-listen, as it fulfills the brief of why we started Rockstar CMO. Grant generously shares his insight into how his team has been engaging customers through the pandemic, has some fantastic advice for marketers who are starting out and looking for a CMO career, has some simple advice for Brand and Content Marketers, and finishes with a great nomination for the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool. No spoilers here; it’s a great listen. 

Finally, I join Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory in the Rockstar CMO bar for a cocktail and a conversation about when are the stats enough? By the way, you can read more about that on Robert’s blog: Set Your Marketing Goals for Tomorrow, Not Today. 



The wonderful Piano Music is by Johnny Easton shared under a creative commons license.

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