We are in marketing planning season and this week Ian Truscott and Jeff Clark, Rockstar CMO Advisor, and former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester discuss planning a marketing budget.

For the first time in 88 episodes, the perils of delivering fresh guests on a weekly show have caught up with us, we’ve been struck by the global just-in-time supply chain issues and the delivery of the guest we promised in last weeks show has been delayed, we’ll hopefully connect with Melissa Sargeant CMO of Litmus in early December.

So, that gives us a chance to slip into the  Rockstar CMO virtual bar early, Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory is there and he has a quote from a poem to share, and a conversation he had with a marketer, wishing they could start again, but is it true that the only way out is through, or could she do that?

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