It’s the last week without Jeff, so our host, CMO but “not a rockstar” Ian Truscott is again in the studio on his own, sharing 5 f’in’ marketing thoughts for the week:

#1 – Not the regular competitors

#2 – Rented Land

#3 – Cold emails

#4 – The Diversity Bonus

#5 – If you can help me grow, I can help you grow

Ian then joins Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory, who shares a very classy cocktail and a thought about social media content in walled gardens.


The people:

// Ian Truscott on LinkedIn and Threads

// Robert Rose on LinkedIn and Threads

Mentioned in this week’s episode:

// What Now? Ian’s Tuesday 2¢

// Keith Smith’s Fuel Podcast, featuring diversity – interview with Marc Lewis

// LinkedIn Collaborative Articles

// The LinkedIn comment in a Collaborative Article: “If you can help me grow, I can help you grow”

// TCA Webinar: Social Media – Crafting A Cutting Edge Strategy

// Robert’s firm: The Content Advisory

// Robert’s “Rose Colored Glasses” column for CMI

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Track List:

// Piano Music is by Johnny Easton, shared under a Creative Commons license

// We’ll be right back by Stienski & Mass Media on YouTube

// Be Honest – Jorja Smith on Spotify

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