Something a bit different this week as Jeff is away, Ian Truscott has an extended conversation with The Content Advisory’s Chief Problem Solver and Lead Analyst, Cathy McKnight, who’s been a regular on the show and with TCA’s Chief Trouble Maker, Robert Rose in the bar, we have ourselves a TCA takeover!

Cathy helps organizations transform how they approach content operations and technology to enable their business strategy and improve performance. She has 20-plus years of global experience and expertise in content strategy, content operations, customer experience, and related technologies. Cathy has led strategic business transformation initiatives and has helped dozens of companies realize their content and marketing/communication objectives by focusing on bridging leadership, content, business process, and technology strategies into practical roadmaps.

Ian and Cathy discuss the new acronym on the content management block (DXC – Digital Experience Composition), a conversation has them riding their content management hobby horses down a bunch of rabbit holes as they explore the acronyms that plague this industry, plus composable martech, MACH, headless and do these technical trends matter to the buyer?

Keeping the content party going, we continue with The Content Advisory as Ian rounds off the week with a cocktail and a marketing thought with the TCA’s Chief Trouble Maker, Robert Rose


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