This week we welcome back a friend of the show and a wonderful supporter of what we do at Rockstar CMO; Dennis Shiao.

Dennis runs an independent B2B marketing consultancy Retention Attention, and is a content marketing, product messaging, and social media marketing expert. He is well known in the industry as a regular columnist for CMSWire and Content Marketing Institute, he runs the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup and the Content Corner newsletter.

In this episode, Dennis discusses his advice, insight, and experience of personal branding and what benefits paying a bit of attention to our online presence can bring, even if you don’t want to be the next Gary V.

Inspired by a discussion on the This Old Marketing podcast, Ian Truscott dives into the folly of thinking about a marketing budget as a percentage of revenue, following a report by Gartner that it had dropped to 6.4% across all sectors, that was featured in an article in Marketing Dive.

Robert Rose returns to the Rockstar CMO virtual bar for a cocktail and shares his insight on making customer stories more engaging by dropping in a cow.

Hope you enjoy this episode.

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