The metaverse has been a hot topic this year, and as Jeff Clark enjoys a holiday Ian Truscott dives into the topic with omnichannel and digital experience experts Noz Urbina and Mark Demeny. A discussion that was inspired by a post by Noz on LinkedIn citing an article in The Guardian, Mark’s comments on that, the conversation that followed and Mark basically daring Ian to have the discussion on the show!

Noz Urbina is an omnichannel content solutions lead specialising in pharma and regulated industries and is the founder of Urbina Consulting and the online omnichannel conference Omnichannel X, he’s also an author, speaker and podcaster. And, Mark Demeny, is the Head of Product Strategy at Uniform, and has had a fantastic career in web content management and digital experiences, from the early days of web development to most recently having product strategy leadership roles at Sitecore, Optimizely and Contentful.

Following this discussion Ian winds down for the holidays by joining Robert Rose in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar, to discuss what marketing gifts he would like to find under his Christmas tree.

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