Businesses and innovators who are charting new ground with cleantech solutions have an interesting challenge. How do you stay true to your mission of averting global climate change without forgetting that you’re running a business? 

You need to lure investors. You could be the next big thing. You must make money – for sure. You hope to be profitable – someday. But first, you must understand the needs of potential buyers and communicate in ways that make them understand that you’re there to solve their problems.  

This is where Rockstar CMO Advisory can help pen the songbook to success. By researching customer needs, understanding their language, and knowing who’s on the buying team and what are their behaviors, our experienced team can build the story of why your business delivers products and services that solve real problems for them today AND helps build a better future. 

Jeff Clark

Principal, Strategic Advisory, Clean Tech

Jeff Clark is a creative marketing executive with over 30 years of experience running corporate and product marketing teams at profitable, enterprise technology companies and small start-ups. 

Most recently, he was the principal analyst for Marketing Operations at Forrester SiriusDecisions, where he helped clients to improve planning and execution processes, including the adoption of integrated campaign strategies, martech optimization, and agile marketing to better align teams and improve outcomes.  Today, Jeff is helping build marketing capabilities at cleantech start-ups and managed services providers, as well as advocating for strong climate policies.

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