A guest article from one of our chums, Guillaume Jouvencel from GHA Marketing, who recently interviewed Ian Truscott for their podcast ‘B2B Podcast Stories’. He shares what he learned from that conversation and some best B2B podcast practices from his agency.

Success in marketing, particularly in the realm of B2B podcasting, demands authenticity, flexibility, and an in-depth understanding of the constantly evolving landscape.

In a recent interview on B2B Podcast Stories from the Podcast Marketing Agency GHA Marketing, Ian Truscott host of Rockstar CMO, exemplifies practical marketing wisdom, giving listeners access to a wealth of knowledge gained from more than 25 years of navigating the B2B technology marketing space.

The Rockstar CMO Podcast is a structure for innovation in the marketing space. It gives industry professionals a forum to discuss the complexities of their craft, share their experiences, and create new paths to success.

A Marketing Veteran with “Street Knowledge”

Ian Truscott, a 25-year veteran of B2B technology marketing, is an outstanding example of marketing expertise, having served as Chief Marketing Officer three times. Ian’s Rockstar CMO, consulting, and podcast provide significant “marketing street knowledge” developed from real-world wins and failures.

Decoding “Marketing Street Knowledge”

“Marketing street knowledge” emphasizes practical insights derived from hands-on experiences rather than theoretical learning. Drawing comparisons from street culture, Ian and his colleagues provide concrete advise based on direct experiences, creating a deeper understanding of the complexities of marketing techniques.

The Role of B2B Podcasting in Building Trust and Authority

Podcasts are an important tool for building trust between marketers and their target audience and Ian sees podcasts as vehicles for building personal connections and sharing real perspectives, ultimately increasing brand credibility and authority.

Shaping Marketing Success through B2B Podcasting

Podcasts have the following benefits when building trust and authority:

  • Intimacy and Connection: Podcasts facilitate a unique level of intimacy, forging personal bonds with listeners.
  • Authority Building: By sharing expert insights, podcasters reinforce their authority in the industry.
  • Networking Opportunities: Podcasts serve as networking hubs, enabling engagement with industry influencers.
  • Educational Value: Informative content enriches listeners’ knowledge base, fostering growth and development.

Revenue and Awareness Challenges

Despite its benefits, podcasting faces difficulties growing its audience and generating income. As Ian shares, there are difficulties with discoverability that require more marketing efforts, and accountability requires alignment with overall marketing goals.

Maximizing Content Reach Through Content Repurposing

To overcome these challenges, we recommend strategically repurposing podcast content to extend its reach beyond conventional platforms, addressing discoverability concerns effectively. These are the key steps we recommend for repurposing:

  • Identify Insightful Moments: Select compelling segments from podcasts.
  • Create Shareable Snippets: Transform segments into bite-sized content for social media.
  • Widespread Distribution: Disseminate snippets across various social platforms to captivate a broader audience.

Measuring Effectiveness with UTMs

In addition, Urchin Tracking Modules (UTMs) offer insights into audience behavior, albeit with limitations in comprehensive engagement tracking. Nevertheless, they represent a step toward unraveling podcast effectiveness.

Nurturing Long-Term Success in B2B Podcasting

Success in podcasting hinges on perseverance and a long-term outlook. Consistent publishing schedules and niche-focused content lay the groundwork for cultivating a dedicated audience base, positioning podcasts as trusted authorities in their respective domains. This approach has the folliwng benefits:

  • Audience Engagement: A commitment to delivering value fuels continued podcast production.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Ongoing interactions with guests foster continuous learning.
  • Community Building: Loyal listener bases foster vibrant podcast communities.

Embracing B2B Podcasting’s Value in Marketing

By aligning with business objectives, curating purposeful content, and embracing niche specialization, podcasts catalyze engagement, elevate brands, and leave an indelible mark on the B2B marketing landscape. Podcasts have emerged as indispensable tools for networking, professional growth, and business expansion


In summary, Ian Truscott’s marketing approach underscores the transformative potential of B2B podcasting, emphasizing authentic connections and strategic content delivery.

Despite challenges, such as content repurposing and audience measurement, the rewards for persistent efforts are substantial, from niche market domination to community building.

Beyond marketing, B2B podcasting serves as a catalyst for knowledge sharing and professional growth, resonating across industries.

Ian Truscott’s journey exemplifies the importance of delivering value, aligning with business objectives, and fostering meaningful connections in the evolving landscape of marketing.

You can learn more about Guillaume Jouvencel, GHA Marketing and how they can help with your podcast at ghapodcast.com.

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