As the godfather of soul himself said “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved”

What if there was a place where entertaining, opinionated marketers could write what they REALLY want to write? To inspire the next generation by saying the stuff that might not fit elsewhere, to give those really good, but “slightly off the editorial guidelines” ideas some air?

Why write for us?

We have a purpose that is more than just getting hits for advertisers, we are growing a community looking to inspire the next generation of marketers on the verge of sitting at the top table.

We are a relatively young publication and already have a very engaged audience of marketers and Rockstar CMOs (read more about them here) and have a social reach on Twitter of half a million folks (according to Tweetreach).

We want to crank it up to 11 and we’re committed to promoting our writers and their work, creating a community that is getting noticed by some of the best in the business.

We also offer editorial help, so that we will publish the best version of your idea.

What’s our jam?

Let’s avoid the “creative differences” that have split much loved bands, here is some guidance on what we and our audience like.

We have a simple editorial policy: big opinions undiluted with business speak. Sell ideas not things; write about stuff that people give a crap about; tell well written and researched, original stories not ‘churnalism’; and be useful to our audience.

Our audience

We consider our audience to be slightly maverick mid-level marketers:. There are lots of fantastic mainstream marketing publications, that’s not us, we want to create a place where people find a different point of view.

Article length

Our articles vary in length, we have a mix of opinion pieces and journalists writing long form editorial, so take as many words as you need (but don’t add a single word more) and conform to our editorial policy:

Simple editorial policy

  • Be direct: Express a clear single idea, fine honed and expressed honestly and directly.
  • Be useful: We love an opinion, but support this with research. Let our community know what would help them when they are struggling, include examples and share results.
  • Be inspiring: We want people to nod along to your tune, a lot of bullshit written about ‘thought leaders’, but yeah, embrace your inner thought leader and give people an idea they can share.
  • Be real: Write plainly with your authentic voice, keep the self promotion on the down low, make it personal, no bullshit or business speak. Write as if talking to a colleague over a pint or a coffee. Bear in mind that your author bio will be the place for personal horn tooting.
  • Be honest: If you represent a brand, have a relationship with a service or product you mention, then disclose it.
  • Be generous: Give credit, cite references, include quotes. We are growing a community, be a good member.

Finally, read Rockstar CMO! Take a look at what we think is useful. We have a nice mix of long form articles and short opinion pieces. written for people not search engines, you’ll get the idea.

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    “You can’t just say it, man. You’ve gotta feel it in your blood and guts! If you wanna rock, you gotta break the rules.”

    Dewey Finn. School of Rock