Backstage with Jenni Young

Jenni Young, the CMO of tappit shares the importance of company values, building solid relationships, and why creating a culture of risk can lead to marketing success. Oh, and Creme Eggs.

The Ordinary Seat at the Extraordinary Table

Hustle. Be remarkable. Be special. Live off coffee. Sleep is for the weak. Obsess or be average. Differentiate. Be extraordinary. Really? Robert Rose on why celebrating the ordinary things in our lives can lead to, well, the extraordinary.

All the Young Prudes

Today, youths are ridiculed for their overwhelmingly realistic and sensible approach to life. Amie Knights explores how we got here in just one generation, and what that means for marketers across the world.

Going Supernova

If you’re over the age of 30 and you’re not au fait with the stylings of the Kardashian Klan, there’s a high chance you might never have heard of But let this be known; you should have. After all, they’re only one of the fastest growing fashion companies in the world.

We’re All Kids and That’s Alright

Ian Truscott explores the issue of ageism in marketing, and the attributes that all marketers – regardless of whether they’re young or old – need to embrace in order to truly make a difference.

The Seat at the Table Issue

This month we’re focusing on the reason we started this thing in the first place: the next generation of marketers. So you can expect a fresh and youthful perspective – this time inspired by Solange’s album, A Seat At The Table.

Marketing to Kids Through Their Parents

Photofy CEO – and father – John Andrews on why parents banning their kids from games like Fortnite might be counterproductive, and marketers should be proactive in transforming a product that’s Parental Advisory, into one that’s Parental Recommended.

Selling Death Row

It’s the dilemma every marketer faces sooner or later: is it right to be selling this product? Dave Waller investigates and finds out that the answer’s not as black and white as you might think…