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Five Steps for CMOs to Get Aligned on Metrics

Inspired by a recent conversation on the podcast with six-time CMO and former boss Grant Johnson about his Marketing Performance Index (MPI) framework, in this article Jeff Clark asks if we now have a framework for what CMOs should report, how do you get to the point where this reporting strategy is accepted?…

225: The Distraction of Technology, Jelly Beans and Marketing to Marketers Episode

This week, Jeff turns the table and interviews Ian about an upcoming chapter he’s writing for a collective book and Robert shares some new CMI research over a cocktail…

224: The Grant Johnson MPI Special Episode

This week, Jeff and Ian are joined by five-time CMO and marketing mentor Grant Johnson to discuss his Marketing Performance Index…

223: The 5 Things from Jeff’s Debut and a Rose Colored Strategy over a Cocktail Episode

This week, Jeff and Ian revisit the points that Jeff made on his debut in episode 40 and over a cocktail Robert shares his weekly thought on marketing strategy…

222: The 5 Steps for Metrics and Authentic Pride Over a Cocktail Episode

This week, Jeff and Ian continue discussing marketing metrics, sharing 5 steps for overcoming the challenges we discussed last week. Robert is at the bar with a cocktail and some advice on marketing during Pride month…

221: The 5 Challenges with Marketing Metrics and Attention Over a Cocktail Episode

This week, Jeff and Ian share 5 challenges with current marketing metrics, and Robert is the bar with a cocktail and some advice on attention…

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