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115: The What the F is PLG with Jeff, Strategy Sprints with Simon Severino and a Cocktail of Data with Robert Episode

Jeff and Ian discuss a new acronym; PLG – Product Led Growth, Simon Severino of Strategy Sprints is our guest and Robert Rose discusses our dependency on data over a cocktail. …

114: The Dip Into the Pool with Jeff, Constantly Learning with Lori Jones and Dating Content with Robert Episode

This week Jeff Clark and Ian Truscott take a dip into the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool, Ian chats with Avocet Communications CEO Lori Jones and Robert Rose ponders dating our content in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar. …

What the F’ is Product Led Growth (PLG)?

You may have heard that there is a new acronym kid on the tech product marketing block; Product Led Growth (PLG), but is this a hit or something only its mother will love? …

113: The Ian, Jeff and Simon Grab MOps (Marketing Ops) and Robert Grabs a Cocktail (that is not Rented) Episode

Ian Truscott and Jeff Clark are joined by Marketing Operations expert Simon Daniels and Robert Rose gets topical with a chat over a cocktail about Elon Musk and rented land …

112: The Jeff Shares Tips for Brand Research, Matthew Woodget has a Great Story and Robert Talks Tech over a Cocktail Episode

This week Ian chats with Jeff Clark as he shares some simple tips for brand research & measurement, Ian’s guest is Matthew Woodget of Go Narrative and over a cocktail Robert Rose suggests we back away from tech. …

111: The A.I. and Marketing with Jeff, Brand Strategy and Innovation with Jo and Listening Before Speaking with Robert and a Cocktail Episode

Ian and Jeff discuss A.I in marketing, Jo Janssen makes her podcast debut talking about strategy and innovation in B2C and Robert shares a thought about waiting to speak in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar. …

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