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185: The Rockstar Marketing Book Podcast: Content Marketing Strategy by Robert Rose Episode

This week is a special episode as Ian channels his inner Douglas Burdett and interviews Robert Rose about his new book Content Marketing Strategy, Harness the Power of Your Brand’s Voice…

184: The Business Story Type and a Cocktail for a Job That Cares About You Episode

This week Ian’s guest is Matthew Woodget from Go Narrative, they discuss business story types and over a cocktail he discusses content strategy and careers with Robert Rose in the virtual bar…

183: The Profit vs Popularity, Martech by Capabilities and Content Marketing is Just Marketing Episode

This week Ian shares a thought about profit versus popularity, Jeff Clark shares his approach to marketing technology with a capabilities approach and in the virtual bar Robert Rose ponders if content marketing is now just marketing…

182: The Profane with Purpose, 5 Must Have Martechs and Build on your Strengths with a Cocktail Episode

This week Ian shares a though on profanity in marketing, Jeff judges Ian’s top 5 marketing technology platforms we all need and Robert has some great advice for focusing on strengths not weaknesses over a cocktail…

181: The PLG versus Marketing, The Problem with Field Marketing and Defining Content Career Paths Episode

This week, Ian shares a thought about being product led or sales led as a B2B vendor, Jeff shares some Forrester research on field marketing and Robert is the bar with a cocktail discussing career paths in content marketing…

180: The Dilya, Demand Generation and Look to the Right of the Publish Button Episode

This week Ian’s guest is Dilya Abushayeva, co-founder of Mavuus to discuss her company and 15 year marketing career and Robert Rose is in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar discussing content publishing over a cocktail…

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