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160: The Metrics, Butt Cracks and a Cocktail of Thought Leadership Episode

This week Jeff Clark steps us though his process to create metrics, we go backstage with Brittany Murphy of One Thing Marketing and Robert Rose shares thoughts on thought leadership in the virtual bar …

159: The OK with OKRs, Under the Influence with Yash Chavan from SARAL and Process over a Cocktail Episode

This week Jeff Clark is back to chat about OKRs, we go backstage with marketing entrepreneur Yash Chavan and discuss influence marketing and Robert Rose is in the bar discussing process vs content people …


OKR’s, the accronym to rule all accronyms, or at least the accronym to enable you to deliver onthe other TLA’s that marketing has on it’s plate today. Jeff Clark explains… …

158: The DAM it’s Theresa Regli and a Cocktail of Content with Robert Rose Episode

This week with Jeff still away Ian has an extended catch up with Theresa Regli, Chief Strategist at Vox Veritas Digital to discuss Digital Asset Management (DAM) and a Robert is the virtual bar talking content. …

157: The TLA TCA Takeover with Cathy McKnight and an IMC (Integrated Marketing Cocktail) with Robert Rose Episode

This week TCA (The Content Advisory) are in the house, with an extended interview with Chief Solver of Problems Cathy McKnight and Chief Trouble Maker Robert Rose shares a classic marketing lesson in the virtual bar …

156: The Building a Team, Positive Intelligence with Caroline Kay and a Content First Cocktail Episode

This week Jeff and Ian discuss building an effective marketing team, we go backstage with business and success coach Caroline Kay and over a cocktail Robert shares advice on being content first. …

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