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August 2020

This issue we are talking about education, in reaction to the debate about whether better marketing education makes a better marketer that we see played out on social media.

Marketers come from diverse career backgrounds, we are not like accountants or lawyers that need specific education and there are not the same gateways to entry level marketing roles.

On the flip side, of course, everyone has an opinion on marketing, and are quick to express them in a way they would if it was about law or medicine. Are we asking for our cake and eat it, to get respect as a profession, but not put in the work?

Many of the leading marketers in my industry (B2B software) started their careers as technologists. Does this give them a unique empathy for their audience or as the good marketing professor Mark Ritson often expresses, that to be considered a marketing expert you must have formal marketing training, perhaps the MBA he teaches?

That’s the inspiration for this issue and we have some wonderful opinions to share from our experienced house band and rockstar CMOs, both for and against.

If you are a regular reader you know we name each issue after a classic album, it was an absolute no-brainer to rummage in the record box and pull out The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, by Lauryn Hill. Released back in 1998, it’s a fabulous album whose title was inspired by the film and novel The Education of Sonny Carson, and Carter G. Woodson‘s The Mis-Education of the Negro.

Being inspired by both education and miseducation seems pretty spot on for the topic and this month and I think, maybe for a change, we really have named our issue after a classic.



Ian Truscott | Founding Editor | @iantruscott

The Times They Are A-Changin’

This month we asked Ted Rubin: Do good marketers need a formal marketing education? His reply is, as ever, straight-talking, insightful and to the point. As times change you need to be open to it and have the passion… …
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The magic marketer’s potion: An educated mind and attitudinal skills

A debate is raging around whether it’s requisite for marketers to have a marketing degree. Does a marketing degree create a better marketer? Jasmine Martirossian, PhD, is the Vice President of Marketing at TÜV SÜD Americas, gives us her take. …
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Backstage Q&A – Sally Yates, CMO Xceptor

Sally Yates is the Chief Marketing Officer at Xceptor, a fintech software house and in this interview, Ian Truscott got to find out what makes this UK based marketer in this hot software space tick …
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We don’t need no education – right?

Lauren Bowden, experienced (and educated) B2B marketer shares her experience for this month’s topic: Do marketers need a marketing education? Channeling a bit of Pink Floyd… …
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There ain’t half been some clever bastards

As UK music legend Ian Dury said “There ain’t half been some clever bastards” and Keith Smith, calls out Mark Ritson and asks, do marketers need a marketing education? …
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Experience is The School of Marketing Rock

One of our mantras here on Rockstar CMO is from The School of Rock – “you can’t just say it, man. You’ve gotta feel it in your blood and guts!” and as marketing writer Carmine Mastropierro shares here, that comes from experience. …
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The Green Room – Marketing Education

Marketers come from diverse career backgrounds, we are not like accountants or lawyers that need a specific education, and on social media we have been seeing some pushback on this from folks like Mark Ritson, who as a marketing professor is pretty vocal about those of us that don’t have a marketing education. So, what do our Rockstar CMO’s think? …
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The Swimming Pool #26 – LinkedIn Solicitations Like You’re My Best Friend

This month, inspired by Jane Scandurra, we are wondering if we should be chucking “LinkedIn Solicitations Like You’re My Best Friend” into our portal to marketing hell. …
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On the podcast this month

A roundup of what’s been happening on the podcast this month, with some fantastic interviews and cocktails! …
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Photo used in the issue promotion of Lauryn Hill was taken by Tore Sætre, and is used freely under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0

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