After suggesting in last week’s show that we might take a week off, but we’ve changed our minds!

In this slightly shorter episode Ian Truscott catches up with Jeff Clark, Rockstar CMO Advisor and former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester to discuss Corporate Social Responsibility and how to avoid appearing to be greenwashing and trying to look cool with the millennials – spoiler alert – you just got to do the work. 

Ian has been to Amsterdam, and he shares what he learned from a panel discussion at The Next Web Conference, a huge European marketing and technology event, where he joined Stephan Grad, Strategy Director at global agency Overdose, and Dominik Angerer, CEO of Headless CMS vendor Storyblok for a panel discussion moderated by Louise Doorn, an experienced CMO and now leading HelloMaaS, a Marketing as a Service agency in the Netherlands. 

The discussion was about the role of the CMO, their relationship with the CEO, and of course, marketing technology and Louise asked us to share some f**k ups they’d seen along the way.  


The people:

Mentioned in this week’s episode:

Rockstar CMO:



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