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Rockstar CMO FM (the M is for Marketing the F is for.. well it’s up to you, as this podcast is about f’in marketing).

In this episode, our founding editor Ian Truscott chats to Robert Rose, co-founder of the Content Marketing Institute and is now the Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory, a firm that he founded that helps many of the Fortune 500 grapple with their content challenges.

As you’ll learn, Robert has some genuine rockstar creds, is an author, speaker and host of two of our favorite podcasts, The Weekly Wrap and along with his long time collaborator Joe Pulizzi, This Old Marketing.

During this interview, we discover his favorite Tale From the Tour Bus and what he would throw into the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool (our portal to hell for all the BS and snake oil in the world of marketing). You have to hear this!

Also, in the interview, recorded before the current coronavirus restrictions were imposed, Robert discusses The Content Tech Summit,  in San Diego which has now been postponed to August and if you are planning on going, he shares a discount code. 



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Robert was generous enough to sit down with us in our first issue.

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