Rent or build? Ask Quibi

Is there a better example of the theme of this issue of renting versus building in marketing? Although Quibi owned the land, they didn’t own what they put on it, and it seems they’ve danced their last dance.

The Life For Rent Issue

The theme of this issue is the decision marketers need to make about building an audience on ‘rented’ land or take the long road of building an owned digital channel.

Don’t rent, co-own

Ted Rubin has built an audience, you don’t become the most followed CMO on Twitter without one. So, what is his advice; should we build our content strategy and audience on rented land

The Sample: Rent vs. Build?

Welcome to The Sample, where we spin the dial on the interwebs and record what plays to this month’s tune. The beat for this month’s tracks; should we build or rent for our fans?